there are two types of people in this world :
sungyeol & woohyun or myungsoo

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The text that sehun wrote was so meaningful, he spoke about why he was doing the challenge he said ” i am doing this because i can be a little help to those who have the ALS and other diseases. “

He showed how sincere he was and how much he was willing to do for those people, he…

Hello everyone, I am EXO’s voice Chanyeol. Firstly, I feel extremely honored because I get to participate in such a meaningful event due to (Roommate) GaYeon’s nomination; I hope everyone will become more aware of ALS and become more involved— to bring some strength for ALS patients. (I) will participate in ALS donations as well. In the following, I nominate @johnmayer @realisshoman @조석.

Sehun doing the #icebucketchallenge